JL Baltic - the sourcing company

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Postal address:

“JL Baltic” SIA

P/k 43

Riga, LV-1001


Legal /fiscal address:

“JL Baltic” SIA

Priedaines iela 1, Piņķi, Babītes novads, LV-2107, Latvia

MD: Jacob Lalander

Phone: +371-67 48 1610



Skype Name: jacoblalander


ABOUT “JL Baltic”

JL Baltic’s main line of work is sourcing of premium construction services and construction materials from Eastern Europe, Russia, The Ukraine in general and The Baltic Countries in particular. JL Baltic’s outstanding network of dynamically developing Baltic subcontractors and material suppliers has for several years’ benefited PEAB construction projects in Scandinavia, allowing this third largest construction company in Scandinavia (www.peab.se) to receive competitive offers and to choose from a pool of expertly handpicked Baltic suppliers.

The MD has been active in The Baltic Countries since 1994 and in Construction Materials’ production and sourcing since 1998. Other lines of work are sourcing of: Architectural design services, 3-D-visualization of architectural design and location search for foreign corporations setting up production units in Latvia. You are welcome to inquire.